Archery taken to a new level

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
Wolf Hollow Archery owner Larry Pollack holds an arrow similar to what would be used in Archery Tag.

Archery Tag will be coming to Chillicothe with the opening of Wolf Hollow Archery’s new location.

Wolf Hollow, currently at 15704 N. Von Achen Drive, purchased the Chilli Bowl’s building, 615 W. Truitt Ave., and will set up shop.

“We just needed to get into something than just archery itself. We don’t have a place down here for the archery tag and we kind of wanted to do that,” Wolf Hollow owner Larry Pollack said.

Robbie Stoffer, an instructor at Wolf Hollow Archery, first mentioned the idea of setting up Archery Tag in Chillicothe.

“I started doing a little more research into it and I was thinking if we got the bowling alley, it would work pretty good on that side yard to be able to put the archery tag in,” Pollack said.

The playing area can be taken inside during the winter months due to weather conditions.

The average playing field is 40 feet by 70 and can be taken down to a smaller size.

Pollack said four bowling lanes will remain on the right side but the left side can be converted into a range and area for the tag.

Archery Tag is played with 28-pound recurve and the arrows are attached with a foam tip on the front to help with safety.

“You have to understand it’s not a regular arrow that you shoot at someone,” Pollack said.

“They built these things pretty safe.”

Archery Tag has equipped Pollack with 16 bows and blow-up bunkers which can be used as shields for teams during a match.

In a match, two arrows will be placed in the center of the field and at the start, members of the two opposing teams will rush to grab what they can. The center is a 20- foot safe zone where a person cannot be hit with an arrow or cannot loose an arrow.

There are two main ways to win. One is to knock out all of the opposing team members and the other is to shoot out the five targets which are placed at the end of each team’s zone.

“There’s certain games where you can sit on the sideline for a certain time and then you can come back in,” Pollack said.

A person can also catch an arrow and the shooter will be knocked out of the game.

“I would like to get some competitions going with some different people, with five-six guys on one team and if they want to challenge anyone else, we can see if we can get that going. I think it would work out pretty dang good,” Pollack said.

“We could also set it up for leagues also.”

Pollack said Wolf Hollow will be at this month’s Downtown Thursday with Archery Tag taking place in front of Happy Thoughts Coffee, 953 N. 2nd St. and will be free for people to play.

 Pollack said he is hoping the new location will be open by Mid-August.