Bowen signs to Black Hawk

Drew Veskauf
IVC senior Amanda Bowen signs her way to Black Hawk College in Moline to play softball. Bowen will study veterinary medicine.

IVC senior Amanda Bowen has signed her way to play softball at Black Hawk College in Moline.

Bowen is a heavily involved student at IVC with her participation on the volleyball and softball teams as well as marching band and jazz band.

“I’ve played softball ever since, I think, I was 5 years old so I’ve never thought of doing anything else. But, once I got to high school things started clicking,” Bowen said. “I started thinking, ‘OK this is for sure what I want to do.”

Bowen said she is planning to get a degree in veterinary medicine and will move on to Iowa State University after her time at Black Hawk.

Other college options for Bowen were Missouri State University, Michigan State University and the possibility of going straight to Iowa State instead of attending Black Hawk first, she said.

IVC softball varsity coach Josh Clarke said he was thrilled when he heard the news of Bowen signing to Black Hawk.

“It’s one of the best feelings to see a player that you had the opportunity to coach to move on,” Clarke said.

“Someone like Amanda, it makes me ever that much more happy to see her move on because, again, she’s put the time and the effort, the hard work and the sweat in. She deserves an opportunity like this.”

Bowen will be under the instruction of coach Carrie Calderon.

“I’ve met the coach and she’s really, really nice and I know she’s going to push us hard,” Bowen said.

Calderon will be in her 21st year of coaching at Black Hawk for the 2014 season. Her career record is 680-245 and has earned coach of the year eight times and was inducted into the National Junior College Athletic Association in 2007.

To prepare for the 2015 season, Bowen said she will play again for the River Valley Venom traveling team in the summer and will be training beforehand.

“I know the coach is giving us workouts to do. I don’t know when I’ll be moving up there, but I know the earlier I get there the more prepared I’ll be,” Bowen said.

Bowen will not be alone at Black Hawk. Her teammate on the River Valley Venom, Kayla Beall, signed to BH as well for softball and the duo will be roommates.