IVC runners racing well

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
Taylor Larson, left, and Libby Allison run earlier this season.

The IVC cross country teams are running well in week two of the season.

The boys and girls teams were able to pull through for first at Bureau Valley against Henry Sept. 2.

The boys were first with 26 team points. Freshman Owen Habeger was the individual winner to finish at 18:21.

The girls had an easy win with 34 team points. 

At the Normal Community High School Invitational Saturday, both teams were able to place in the top 10.

The boys finished in eighth out of the 11 teams running.

Habeger led IVC to finish at 16:31, 55 seconds behind the first-place runner and fifth overall.

Junior Ethan Sutherland was next in 39th at 18:53. Sophomore Devin Smith finished in 48th at 19:17 with sophomore Josiah Smith in 54th at 19:47.

The Lady Grey Ghost runners were third out of the eight full teams present.

Senior Demi Johnson led IVC to finish at 19:26, 44 seconds behind the first-place runner and third overall.

Sophomore Katherine Schneider was next for IVC in 10th place at 20:45. Sophomore Molly Prewitt was in 15th at 21:09. 

Senior Erica Larson rounded out in 21st at 21:37 with freshman Taylor Larson right behind in 29th at 22:19.