Hickory Heritage Classic May 16

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Statewide golfers will be transported to the golden age of golf May 16 as the newly-renovated Mistwood Golf Club will host its first Hickory Heritage Classic.

The game of golf has evolved on a number of levels over the last 100 years, but especially in the equipment being used. In the early 20th century, golf was a simple game played with a minimal number of hickory-shafted clubs and mesh golf balls and players always walked the course.

The Hickory Heritage Classic will allow today’s golfer to experience historical equipment in nine holes of tournament play, as well as play today’s game with modern equipment over nine holes.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to bring history back into the game with the Hickory Heritage Classic,” said Dan Phillips, Mistwood’s Director of Golf. “Golfers will notice a huge difference between the two different eras of golf, but at the same time will really enjoy the experience that these vintage clubs will offer.”

The vintage equipment will be a complement to the Mistwood, which incorporated its own vintage stack-sod wall bunkers and tall fescue grasses, providing the feeling of being in Scotland, where hickory-shafted clubs were born.

The event, which costs $165 per person, will feature two-man teams in a scramble format. It will include playing the front nine walking with a caddie using vintage hickory clubs and then playing the back nine with a player's own modern equipment using a golf cart with new GPS systems.

Lunch and dinner will be provided, along with a complimentary caddie, on-course photo, driver golf cap and prizes for the top teams.

For more information about the Hickory Heritage Classic, visit www.mistwoodgc.com/tournaments/hhc, or call 815-254-3333.