Ghost netters beat Mendota

Justin Miller

The Illinois Valley Central volleyball team started the week by taking down North Central Illinois Conference rival Mendota at home Oct. 20 on Senior Night.

Before the game, seniors Jessie Ely, Marci Fletcher, Ashley Kluge, Amy Berchtold and Shy Kohler were honored for their commitment to the program.

The Ghosts started the game strong in the first set.

Ely, who had nine kills for the game, helped the Ghost offense overpower the under-matched Mendota defense.

Defensively, the Ghosts prevented Mendota from racking up too many points, thanks in part to the outstanding net play of Brooke Ratcliff.

IVC won, 25-18.

In the second set, the Trojans woke up and gave the rival Ghosts a run for their money.

Jodi Stumbaugh, who had nine kills for the game, powered the Ghost offense by finding holes in the Trojan defense and exploited them.

Berchtold’s unselfish team play helped IVC to pull out a 26-24 win.

On Thursday, the team took down Spring Valley  on the road in two sets.

The Ghosts overpowered the Red Devils in the first set by exploiting their defense with timely passes and well-placed shots.

Ely, who led the team with nine kills, dominated the game by launching lightening quick shots at the Devils.

IVC won, 25-15.

In the second set, Spring Valley turned on the burners and gave the Ghosts a real challenge.

Hall’s hitters found more opportunities to take advantage of the Ghost defense that were not there in the first set.

Defensively, the Devil’s were more aware of the holes on the court and extended volleys, making the Ghosts work for points.

IVC, however, played as strong in the second set as they did in the first set.

Rachel Grochowsky helped the team by launching hits at the Devils, as well as making passes to open teammates.

In the end, IVC won, 25-23.

“We finished 6-4 in the conference season,” coach Lisa Miller said. “I’m not sure how that placed us as all the records aren’t yet available.”

The Ghosts (18-11) next play against Brimfield at 6 p.m. Thursday at home in the first round of the Regional.