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Girls Basketball

8th grade

The Chillicothe Junior High eighth-grade girls basketball team won their fourth game of the year Oct. 5 when they took down Olympia, 32-25, on the road.

“This was a very physical game and the girls did a good job taking care of the ball and working together,” coach Sara Kinney said. “Hannah Scherer dominated the inside on defense and had 13 rebounds.”

Shayna VanOstrand led the team in scoring with 19 points.

The team then hosted Princeville Thursday and won, 50-12.

Scherer led the team with 16 points.

London Johnson grabbed 10 rebounds and VanOstrand added 13 points.

“The team shot almost 50 percent from the floor,” Kinney said.

The team closed the week by beating Midland, 40-12, on the road Saturday.

“The girls played hard throughout the game and passed the ball well,” Kinney said.

VanOstrand led the scoring with 14 points and Scherer added 12.

Scherer also had 11 rebounds.

The team is now 6-2.

Girls Basketball

7th grade

The seventh-grade Lady Mustangs racked up their fourth victory when they dominated Olympia on the road Oct. 5, 36-9.

“The girls played well against a young Olympia team,” Kinney said.

Briana Cline led the team in scoring with 14 points and also racked up seven rebounds. The team then beat Princeville at home Thursday, 13-12.

“This was a close game all the way,” Kinney said. “Both teams had trouble scoring.

“Chillicothe was down two going into the fourth quarter and hung on two win by one.”

Katie Carlin and Cline led the scoring with four points each and Cline added 11 rebounds.

The team finished the week with a 36-11 victory over Midland Saturday on the road.

The team is now 6-2.