Letter: Boy Scout asks about recycling

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Has Chillicothe ever thought about a recycling program?

Me, my dad and my sister all recycle, and we bring our cans that we have to recycling places. It would be a step up from all the landfills that are everywhere.

I feel so strongly about recycling because I feel that landfills will cover the earth when I’m an adult. I want the best for the earth, and don’t want to be practically living in a landfill when I’m an adult. Landfills can possibly ruin our water supply, contaminate the food we eat, and they don’t smell that good.

Recycling could change that, it could stop land fills from growing and polluting the earth. And if we recycled, it would save gas to drive to the landfills.

Dylan Bixby

12 years old