Letter: Reader responds to Tadie's letter

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

In the Feb. 19 edition of the Times-Bulletin, Larry (Tadie) said he couldn’t understand how it could be a good thing for 2.3 million people to quit their jobs, thus reducing their incomes to zero, so they will qualify for health insurance subsidies from our most generous government.  

I know Larry and he is a very smart man so evidently Larry did not hear Nancy Pelosi’s explanation on this very subject.  

She said, and I quote, “These people are ‘job-locked’ and quitting their jobs will free them up to pursue their interests — things like painting, fishing, etc.”  

We can only hope that our government will pass legislation to give the ‘ex-job-locked’ people, painting easels, a set of brushes, fishing poles and licences.  

They should also give them SNAP cards just in case they don’t catch any fish.

Dale Pope