Lettter: Don’t pay the fee

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Truth, justice and the American way — is this just an old catchy phrase? Or, do these words still mean something?

More and more people in and around Chillicothe are slowly but surely finding out the truth about Rescue 33 vs. AMT.

Truth and facts that say just because you were elected and have a title in front of your name does not automatically mean you are honest and deserving.

Justice, unless we’re lucky enough to get an impeachment, then most times justice is delivered at the voting polls.

And the American way, meaning the American people banding together as a majority to stop and correct injustices.

The wheels of progress are turning for Rescue 33 — many dedicated people are working and planning, and now all of our citizens can help by voting, no, not at the polls, but with your checkbooks.

Your refusal to pay an illegal and unjust fee of $30 to AMT to supplement an already $50,000 charge, which was acquired without asking one taxpayer, will in effect be your vote. That is, of course, if they have enough gall to send the request out in the first place.

Our forefathers would not stand for what has happened recently in this town regarding the choice of two ambulance services. They would not stand for the use of taxpayer money to support one over another. They would not stand for secret meetings cloaked from the public in support of one over another.

If you refuse to pay a $30 donation to support AMT you will serve a hardy blow to the chin of those who would force us to accept a service that the majority in Chillicothe simply do not want.

Our forefathers are gone, and now we the people are the caretakers of our liberty and freedom.

They will find another way to procure the needed $50,000 extra to fund AMT, but till then we can stop them now. We can make a statement and say you work for us.

Gary Sharp