Letter: Fees questioned, Rescue 33 needs second chance

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

I want to thank the Hedden family and anyone else who helped with Rescue 33 over the years.

I would also like to thank Gary Sharp for his time spent in bringing out the truth regarding Chillicothe Township passing the $30 fee for AMT. The $30 fee was voted on without the township people being aware of it.

City of Chillicothe, you had your chance to annex to the township by bringing in water and sewer which you decided not to. Therefore, the city has no right to ask the townships for any money regarding AMT.

If you have $50,000 to burn, why didn’t you give it to Rescue 33 to better their ambulance service?

I have a question for Mr. Myers regarding the $60 the township is now paying for fire protection. Is the $60 township fee put in a separate account from the cities? Also, how is the township money being used?

Regarding Mrs. Moewe, due to what I have read in the paper, you took the vote on the $30 and did not have all the true facts to give to the township board. I feel that the board should take a new vote knowing all the true facts.

I believe the vote would have been different in helping Rescue 33, resolving their problems.

If we have a community fire department, why are we paying a $60 fee for fire protection? Maybe we shouldn’t be paying the $60.

Whoever is sending out the billing should save their postage because the bill will not be paid.

I want the township residents to know that the $30 fee has nothing to do with the fire protection. The $30 does not cover what AMT charges to go to the hospital.

Regarding the comment about businesses who profit from the buying public: all businesses including AMT profit from the buying public.

In my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance to better themselves.

Larry Jackson