Sunday afternoon offers food, fun

Editorial board

Chillicotheans have an opportunity to not only assist the local Boy Scouts, but also learn more about Chillicothe’s history.

Tim & Shelly’s 2nd Street Bar & Grill is offering a spaghetti dinner to help the Boy Scouts with the needs of their organization.

Residents may eat there and enjoy activities at the corner of Second and Chestnut streets from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

With dinner already arranged, consider a trip to the Chillicothe Historical Society’s main museum on Fourth Street.

Check out various exhibits all about Chillicothe’s history or information or artifacts Chillicotheans donated to the society.

Take the grandparents along so they can explain what they remember about various objects, or maybe even tell a little bit about family history.

Sunday offers Chillicotheans a chance to assist two groups who work for the betterment of Chillicothe and its residents.