Real work begins after election

Editorial board

THE ISSUE: Some residents do their part in electing other residents to local boards, but the work is not done after casting a vote.

WHAT WE THINK: Residents need to keep informed and speak to their representatives throughout a local politician’s term.

With all the hoopla leading up to an election, many residents have a misconception in thinking that they have done their part simply by electing someone they hope will represent them.

The truth is that casting a vote is one part of residents’ civic duty, but there is another that is just as important.

The newly elected officials, who will take their seats soon, need to hear from their constituents on subjects important to them.

It could be something that is sorely needed in the city, schools, parks or library.

Or, it could be a program that is working well and residents want to see it continue.

These officials need to continually hear from their constituents about both the good and bad topics, as well as any issues that arise throughout their term.

You elected them Tuesday, but residents’ civic duty does not end now.

School board candidate Steve Garrison said at the Tea Party Patriots Candidate Forum March 23 that Illinois Valley Central District 321 students need to be taught to be “thinkers.”

That applies to adults as well. Residents only need to look to history and see what simply following the crowd will do.

As of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin’s press time, the results of the election are not known.

Ultimately, that does not matter — the work starts now for those elected, and those for whom they represent.