Marianne's Meanderings: Fall season time to play catch up on tidbits

Marianne Gillespie

With fall here, it seems appropriate to do a little “raking” of news snippets you should know.

National Newspaper Week

As you can see from a couple pages in this week’s paper, this week is both newspaper and fire prevention week.

There is no doubt in my mind that Chillicothe Bulletin founder Frank Bailey could not have imagined where his newspaper would be today.

Starting as a piece for his print customers in 1883, he soon realized he could sell subscriptions, and that’s what he did. More than 130 years later, a lot has changed.

Some of the earlier editions of the Bulletin contained a lot of national news. As more news mediums emerged, national news didn’t take top billing as more local news was highlighted.

The Chillicothe Times-Bulletin is the only news medium that’s sole purpose is to keep you in the know with Chillicothe news.

I’ve often been asked what other areas I write about or other duties, and my answer has stayed the same for many years: I take care of the editorial content of the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin (minus sports).

As many of you know, covering Chillicothe news keeps me busy every week, whether it be interviewing, writing stories, attending meetings, snapping photos, laying out content on pages, compiling submitted news and more.

Non-Chillicotheans have a hard time understanding how busy Chillicothe can be at times. Who would think a small town could have so much news?

With that said, I cannot tell you how thankful we are when others send us a news tip, snap a photo and give us a caption and more to help us better serve our readers, who are your friends and neighbors.

I could go on and on with how important newspapers are: we get the news straight from the horse’s mouth, not through ramblings on social media or rumors spread through the gossip mill.

We let you know if there’s a benefit for someone and why they are in need, who made the dean’s list or was on the honor roll.

We keep up with what our IVC Grey Ghosts are doing on the field, court or mat.

While in print we only release one edition per week, through the use of the Internet, Facebook and Twitter we can keep residents up to date with things they need to know as they happen. What a big change that has been just in the last decade or so!

And let us not forget that our advertisers keep us in business so that you can see the news you want. Please let them know that you saw their ad in the Bulletin, or if you haven’t seen an advertisement from them, encourage them to be seen on our pages.

That’s how you’ll keep getting Chillicothe news.

Train ride

Lots of people flooded the area of Third and Cedar streets for the special train ride excursion  Sept. 13.

As I stood watching people, I tried to imagine Chillicothe of yesteryear and the bustling there must have been with passenger trains in town.

Some said they loved the trip to Henry and back; others said they wanted to be able to see out the window better.

Either way, it was a beautiful day for a train ride with Iowa Interstate Railroad.

It’s too bad the passenger cars didn’t come with Johnny Depp, who was part of the cast from the movie “Public Enemies” to use the vintage passenger cars.

One woman told me her young granddaughter realized something that day on her train ride: the conductors have to be handsome.


A few weeks ago the Chillicothe 4th of July Committee put out a plea for donations as the annual fireworks fund is behind in its funding.

The committee figured it was about $2,000 short of where it should be, leaving them to wonder if they have the citizens’ support as the annual fireworks show is paid for by donations only.

The call for donations by those who didn’t get a chance to donate on the Fourth of July through buckets or forgot to make a donation netted at least $500, chairman Steve Maurer said Friday.

The committee also had a hayrack ride/pub crawl on Saturday that left the American Legion and traveled around town. Maurer said committee members hoped that would raise another $500.

Upcoming benefits include an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner at Tim & Shelly’s and another fundraiser at Lucky Dogs. Specific information will be released later.

If you still want to make a donation and have not done so, stop by South Side Bank on Fourth Street to deliver your donation.

Pink police

If you see this week’s police news section, you can see the officers have been busy on a variety of calls, including multiple DUI arrests.

As they work to keep the streets safe, they are also partnering with the community to raise awareness of breast cancer and funding for research.

If you see them on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, you will be greeted by an officer in a pink shirt for Cuffs for a Cure.

Anyone can join the cause as a special “arrestee” on Oct. 24. All you need to do is call the police department to sign up (non-emergency phone number, 274-2129) and raise at least $100 for your bail.

Those who are fake arrested on Oct. 24 then will be recognized at the football game that night.


June seems like a long time from now — although if they are predicting correctly about this being a bad winter we’ll want it to come with a hurry — but organizers are working on getting the word out on ZorroFest.

The new event will capitalize on Zorro’s creator being a Chillicothe native and having some fun.

Who doesn’t have a favorite superhero?

Don’t get me started about Superman, although I have always liked Zorro, too.

The unique idea with this event, though, is to let the children dress up as their favorite superhero and walk in the parade (or if they are 5 or under, they will have their own miniature parade).

The parade will take the place of the regular Claud-Elen Days parade (Claud-Elen Days will be during that Saturday as well.).

I know busy and frugal moms will want to sign their children up, so now or after Halloween may be the best time to find a superhero costume and stash it away for ZorroFest come warmer temperatures in June.