Marianne's Meanderings: Paula Hedden's life sparkled with activity

Marianne Gillespie
Paula Hedden, left, walks at Relay For Life with her husband Ron.

I would be remiss to not mention a special Chillicothean who died recently, but I recognize that this small spot in the newspaper cannot do her justice, and probably would have made her a little embarrassed. Others could tell better stories about her, but here’s my take.

Chillicothean Paula Hedden preferred to stay behind the scenes.

At Rescue 33 Donut Days, she was in the kitchen, making sure the hungry doughnut makers would have something other than rejected doughnuts to eat.

At Relay For Life of Chillicothe, the Hedden clan lent its support to fighting cancer and celebrating survivors, including organizing a meal for those who walked the Victory Lap.

Paula herself, as well as other family members, were survivors, and they walked together during that lap, as well as with other family for the caregiver’s lap. Their team, “A Family Affair,” truly summed it up.

Her world consisted of her family. You couldn’t see Paula without one or many of her family members. Her family not only is comprised of her husband, six children, sisters, father, many grandchildren and more — those who knew her family were sucked into Paula’s gravitational pull.

Ingrained in her nature seemed to be making everyone feel comfortable and wanted.

I don’t remember when or how I first met Paula years ago. She was easy to like — always had a smile to go with her beautiful blue eyes, usually helping with something.

If Chillicothe had a welcoming committee, Paula would have been one to be on it. She just had that way about her — one of the sweetest women you could ever meet.

She took the time to care, and ask, about whatever it was you had going on.

I remember popping by the Rescue 33 garage, probably around Donut Days. She stopped me and asked about my family as my grandmother had died a week or two before the event. Her compassion was not lost on me that day.

Her family knows the heart of gold Paula had, and some of the rest of us were lucky enough to see it, too.