Marianne's Meanderings: Editor hits highlights of past couple weeks in Chillicothe

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

If you’re like me, these last couple of months have flown by, and I can’t believe we’re in October now. Since this is my meandering column, there are quite a few topics to discuss.

Drew’s Homecoming

I’ve watched many parades and sports victory celebrations in Chillicothe, but the Sept. 19 homecoming for Drew Labeda had to be the best one I’ve seen. The sirens even seemed to be louder for the 2-year-old, who came home from St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis after having a bone marrow transplant. After that parade, you would think everybody in town had to know we had one of Chilli’s kids back home where he belongs. I can only imagine how his family feels to be together again after a long summer apart. One and done!

Newspaper Drew

In the past two weeks or so, some of you may have met our newest reporter, Drew Veskauf. Along with other duties with our sister newspapers, he is covering Chillicothe sports. Please give him a warm Chillicothe welcome when you see him around.

Website issues

We’ve had some technology issues lately, which has caused both us and the public a few headaches.

When residents would try to contact us through our website at, we were not receiving the messages, thus making some readers think we were ignoring them. I can assure you that is not the case, and we think the problem is now fixed. My favorite saying is “Technology is great when it works.”

Along with that, we also have had problems with our new commenting system, ViaFoura. Comments readers left on stories would disappear, and some readers thought we had deleted their posts or blocked them from seeing the comments. Neither is true. We’ve been told it should be fixed now.

I strongly encourage residents to give us a call if you wonder why you haven’t seen your news in the paper or received a call back or email on a question you had. The only way we know if something isn’t working sometimes is by you letting us know, and we thank those who have let us know so we could get these problems fixed.

People everywhere

The IVC Homecoming parade seemed to prompt many more residents to fill the downtown this year — maybe it was due to the nice weather.

Whatever the case, it was a great showing for the IVC Grey Ghosts, and three alumni classes getting together this weekend had floats in the parade: 1963, 1973 and 1978. The Class of 1963 even had their Homecoming King and Queen back together for the parade: Curt King and Dorothea “Deedy” (Johnson) Jensen, who reigned over the annual event in 1962.

My only “complaint” for the parade is that cars should not be allowed to park on Second Street between Chestnut and Cedar streets. The block was almost completely lined with vehicles, and with a packed crowd for the parade, everyone needed a little more breathing room — and a little help in keeping the children out of the middle of the street.


There are days when you wonder what this world is coming to, especially when the news can be not so good at times. Sometimes you just need that reminder to restore your faith in humanity.

One of those items for me was at a recent school board meeting when the Team TRRFCC students from Chillicothe Elementary Center spoke to the board. Varying from grades fifth through eighth, students spoke to the school board about what they wanted to accomplish this school year as they become leaders of the school. Most of them did not have any problem talking to the adult-filled room, and shared items they felt strong about, including bullying and cleaning up the city.

We need to hear the voices of our younger generation to inspire us to make changes for their betterment, and hopefully, we can do that together.