BLOG: Is Chillicothe out of the Loop?

Marianne Gillespie
Marianne Gillespie's blog "But Seriously ..."

And you think the Chillicothe City Council has a tough time keeping its own citizens happy, now the Loopers are talking about Chillicothe!

As I have explained in an earlier blog, I know understand better what  "The Great Loop" is, but I'm not so sure Chillicotheans, including city officials, know why they like stopping in Chillicothe or what they do while they are here.

That has come to halt now due to the city creating an ordinance allowing a 30-minute dock time, and they are writing about it under the "cruising news" of the Dozier's Waterway Guide Web site.

Truly, Chillicothe's docks are small, and officials have cited safety reasons for a shorter dock time, including problems with a no-wake zone for the area.

With all that said, though, I 'd like to hear what Loopers have done while in Chillicothe in the past and why some were planning to stop in the future.

I am encouraging the Loopers to leave comments here to that extent, including where they call home.