BLOG: This explains a lot ...

Marianne Gillespie
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Sometimes it's hard to know what people are talking about until you actually see it, at least on paper.

In last week's American Profile magazine, which is inserted in the Chillicothe Times-Bulletin, the magazine featured a story about "The Great Loop."

I now understand exactly what it is that "loopers" do. They sail around the eastern states and also down the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, among others.

It sounds like an interesting way to see part of the country.  And, these are some of the people who make stops in Chillicothe at the docks.

The docks, the loopers and the casual boaters are involved in the small controversy over if Chillicothe's docks are meant for overnight docking.

The Chillicothe CIty Council recently passed an ordinance only allowing 30 minutes of time at the docks.

That decision does affect the loopers that Chillicothe is used to seeing at her shores.

Should they be docking and paying somewhere else, or do Chillicotheans not care as long as they spend money in town on groceries or food?

Will this be a problem? Only time can tell.