Chilli Soup: Don't miss seeing the new fire truck today

Marianne Gillespie
Chilli Soup: A hearty blog about Chillicothe written by Chillicothe Times-Bulletin editor Marianne Gillespie.

Be sure you don’t miss Chillicothe’s newest fire truck during the IVC?Homecoming Parade.

It seems fitting that the IVC?Grey Ghosts football team will sit atop the new aerial ladder fire truck as they parade through downtown Chillicothe Friday afternoon. The 100-foot ladder is painted gray.

The ladder is the same length as the Chillicothe Fire Department’s 1980 ladder truck. 

Chillicothe Fire Chief John Myers said the fire trucks are basically the same except for their age, a bigger pump and more equipment on the ladder of the new truck.

 “Everything is just safer on this truck and that’s because there’s 30 years of technological advances,” said Myers of the new truck.

Originally, the shiny, new truck was to be on display at the Illinois Fire Chiefs Conference in Chicago, which included fire service and mechanics gathering at the same location.

It was to be in the exhibit hall on Monday and Tuesday, but a water leak was found in one of the compartments and needed to be fixed.

Myers said he decided that the fire truck would not be shown at the conference because they were not sure if the truck would be in Chillicothe in time for the parade today.