Council OKs Summer Camp playing music until 2 a.m.

Marianne Gillespie

Looking ahead to Summer Camp 2014 at Three Sisters Park, the Chillicothe City Council approved an extra extension to its noise ordinance related to playing amplified music.

In previous years, the council approved for the music to be played until 1 a.m. on weekends as people from all over the United States converge on Chillicothe.

For the upcoming year only, the council approved the playing of music until 2 a.m. for May 23, 24 and 25, which is Memorial Day weekend. The festivities begin on Thursday evening, but amplified music can only be played until 11 p.m.

Alderman Danny Colwell said the extension was an attempt to compromise with park officials, who asked for a 3 a.m. extension.

In other items, the council:

• Heard City Clerk Sharon Crabel say that she received a letter from Fourth Ward Alderman Gary Sharp asking that he not be paid for the Oct. 5 special council meeting. The meeting was for strategic planning and was at the Chillicothe Public Library.

• Rejected all the bids received for the cemetery fence project. Cemetery/Parks Committee chairwoman Trish Connor said the committee is still working on the project, but the bids came back substantially higher than what the city had in its budget.

• Approved paying $110,284 to Advanced Asphalt Co. for the 2013 road surfacing projects.

• Instructed City Engineer Ken Coulter to notify the department of transportation that the bids for the Safe Routes to School project be rejected and request additional funding before rebidding. Coulter said there was a scheduled meeting for Oct. 22 and that there may be a possibility for more funding. If not, he may make a scope change. The grant was to build sidewalks in places around town to connect students to school, as well as install a bicycle rack at Chillicothe Elementary Center. Coulter said, for example, the price for the bike rack came in "significantly" higher than one would expect to pay for the rack.

• Approved paying $1,600 to Engbrecht Concrete to replace the sidewalk and curb in various areas due to water and sewer work.

• Approved a new Check Valve Program and designated $5,000 for it. The program will assist homeowners who either want to install or replace a check valve, which should eliminate back flushing of sewer lines if a malfunction occurs.

• Approved paying the Illinois Department of Transportation $2,698 for traffic signal work, which occurred in 2010. Coulter said the work included adding a battery to allow the signal at Cloverdale Road and Fourth Street to flash when the power goes out.

• Approved purchasing a 2014 Silverado 1-ton truck for $26,890 for public works. Instead of purchasing a snow plow, Public Works Committee Chairman Denny Gould said that the committee decided to purchase the truck instead. Additionally, the council approved paying $5,626 to outfit the truck with a snow plow and suspension kit from Koenig Body and Equipment.

• Approved selling a 2008 and 2009 Chevrolet Impala, both former police squad cars, for $2,607 and $3,207, respectively, to Chicago Motors Inc.

• Approved paying Advanced Asphalt Co. $56,425 for resurfacing Walnut Street from Fourth to Front streets.

• Authorized City Attorney Mike Seghetti to prepare the necessary documents to release the collateral securing the Casa de Fuega loan and to release the collateral securing the loan upon receipt of a prepayment of $1,000 from Stan Cohen provided that all payment due under the $25,000 note at the time of release have been paid.

• Approved an ordinance rezoning the 600 block of Sunnyside Street from C-1 Commercial to R-3 multiple family residential. Brady Miller is planning a building project behind the Chilli Bowl for next year. Aldermen Danny Colwell, Gould and Sharp all abstained from voting.