Council approves check valve program to assist with sewer backups

Marianne Gillespie TimesNewspapers

Chillicotheans who have had problems with a sewer backup in their basements may be excited about a new city program.

Aldermen approved a check valve program at the Chillicothe City Council meeting Sept. 24.

The program allows the city to reimburse a homeowner up to $450 to install a check valve on a homeowner’s sewer line.

An outside contractor completes the work, which is coordinated by the homeowner.

The program is similar in organization to the city’s sidewalk program.

Mayor Troy Childers Sr. said the program was “long coming.”

Public Works Chairman Denny Gould said that sometimes the problem can be that someone else puts something into the sewer line, say a diaper, and then it can end up causing problems in someone else’s line.

The check valve would stop the back up from coming into the home. The valve does need maintenance too, Gould said.

In other items, the council:

• Heard Alderman Chris Boyer withdraw  a motion allowing for the police chief to advertise for bids to sell a police vehicle. The matter was not discussed at a committee meeting, and some officials said they thought it should have been brought up at a committee meeting first.

• Approved a couple motions to allow for equipment to be installed on the water tower off Cloverdale Road.

The council amended the communication towers of city code and rezoned the water tower property off Cloverdale Road from R-1 to RCH. City Attorney Mike Seghetti said the Chillicothe Plan Commission did not want to allow towers in residential zoning, but RCH permits them for utilities. In this case, the communications equipment will be attached to the water tower and will transmit information for emergency services.

The council also granted a communication tower permit to the Peoria County Emergency Telephone System Board and adopted a resolution approving a ground lease agreement with the board.

• Approved purchasing and installing a gazebo with a concrete floor for $7,811 for Cutright Park. The 10 foot-by-14 foot gazebo will be near the eagle carving. With Amish hand crafting and yellow pine lumber, the gazebo may be the first of a couple in the riverfront area.

Discussion ensued about if the gazebo included benches, which it did. That part was not discussed at the committee meeting, aldermen said.

Childers reminded the aldermen to work through committee.

• Heard Chillicothe Fire Chief John Myers say the fire department partnered with the other fire departments in Peoria County to apply for a grant to assist in paying for 800 mHz radios. While asking originally for $1 million, the group received $800,000. Chillicothe will receive about 19 radios, Myers said, worth about $80,000 to $90,000, and will pay about $20,000 for its portion. Limestone Fire Department coordinated the grant for the departments.

• Heard resident Judy Gajdik ask about the latest news on Three Sisters Park possibly disconnecting from the city. Seghetti said that as of the last discussion, park manager Chris Cassidy was continuing his discussions with Peoria County officials about how its ordinances would apply to the park. Cassidy said he would let the city know what the outcome is, Seghetti said. In order for the park to disconnect from city limits, Cassidy would have to petition the circuit court to allow the measure.

• Approved a notice for special event held on public property for the IVC Homecoming Parade to use city streets from 2:30-3:30 p.m. Oct. 5.