Council approves fixing docks

Marianne Gillespie

Alderman Judy Cantwell said the repairs include a new and more improved roller system for the changes in the river’s depth and a new bumper. She said the city has not spent much money in the docks in years.

Mayor Troy Childers Sr. also wanted to refer to the judicial and police and fire committees the 30-minute time limit for boat dock parking. As a boater, Cantwell said she thinks the time is more than long enough for residents to get their boats in and out of the water.

“Honestly, 30 minutes is adequate,” said Cantwell.

Alderman Denny Gould asked about the loopers, those who travel by boat to a destination after the summer/fall boating season.

The city’s ordinance includes more time for them from Oct. 1 through Dec. 15.

Alderman Mel Witte said he agreed with Cantwell’s assessment.

Gould asked if the city has any teeth with its ordinance for those who go over the 30 minutes.

Cantwell, who is the police and fire committee chairwoman, said during the busy part of the boating season, Chillicothe Police

Chief Steve Maurer will assign a part-time officer to the area.

A longer time for docking is in the works, Cantwell said, as the city plans for more docking, due to the city buying the former Archer Midland Daniels grain elevator property. The new docks probably will not be built  in time for this year’s boating season.

In other items, the council:

• Concurred with the mayoral proclamation of “National Nursing Home Week” May 8-14 in the city.

• Concurred with the mayoral proclamation of May 1 as Arbor Day.

• Approved an agreement with the Optimist Town Theatre for advertising prior to each showing of movies played at the downtown theater from May 1 through April 31, 2012. The cost is $2,000, payable from the Marketing and Tourism Fund. The agreement is the same as the previous year, Economic Development Director Greg Truninger said.

• Approved a notice for special event held on public property for the Chillicothe Optimist Club to use the city streets and city stage for the 31st annual River Run 5K race from 7-11 a.m. May 28 and for the W.D. Boyce Council Boy Scouts of America to use Chestnut Street from Second Street to the alley next to Tim & Shelly’s 2nd Street Bar & Grill, City Park and Second Street from Chestnut one block north, for a spaghetti dinner from 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

• Approved paying $3,000 to Beau Tire Center for paving an area at 1617 Fourth St. City engineer Ken Coulter said a good portion of the area was city property. Property owner Rich Ledbetter told the council he had been trying for three years to get something done in the area, of which the parking lot enters from the street. Vehicles were bottoming out, he said. Two drywells are located there and the concrete was crumbling around them, also making a water retention problem.

Ledbetter had the area paved, with the bill coming to about $8,000, he said. He also said he thought the council’s payment of $3,000 was fair.

Cantwell said it bothered her it took so long to get the situation rectified.

Alderman Rich Underwood said if Ledbetter or other citizens have problems like this, to come and talk to the council directly. He, and others on the council, said they did not know about the situation. It was, however, brought up in committee meetings.

“If you have an issue like this, that they need to talk to the city with, come and talk to all of us at once,” said Alderman Rich Underwood.

• Accepted a proposal from AA&L Roofing of $5,698 to repair the roof on the Santa Fe pump house. The small roof collapsed and fell in onto equipment, aldermen said. Mayor Troy Childers questioned why it took so long to get the roof fixed. Alderman Chris

Boyer said if the roof had been maintained, then the city would not be in the emergency situation.

• Approved advertising for a part-time Public Works employee. Alderman Denny Gould said normally the crew also has one part-time employee, but they do not have one currently. Applications will be accepted until May 11.

• Heard Mel Witte say Arbor Day activities will be from noon-1:30 p.m. Sunday at River Park, where a red maple tree will be planted in memory of Jerry Conroy. If it rains, Witte said an indoor location will be announced.

• Referred a sewer backup issue at 300 Hollybrook at Jerry Suhr’s home to the public works committee. City attorney Mike Seghetti explained that the city’s insurance company is rejecting paying claims on the issue. While the Suhrs were on vacation, the sewer backed up, causing $7,000 worth of cleanup and $18,000 in remodeling, Jerry Suhr said.

Seghetti said the tort immunity act says the city is only liable if officials know of a problem and do not take reasonable action.

“This is a situation that obviously the city did not know about, and the fact that I still don’t think we know exactly how it came about. We didn’t know about it, even with having it inspected periodically, that didn’t disclose the problem. So legally, the tort immunity act protects you on an issue like this. So you wouldn’t be liable legally, and because of that, there’s no insurance coverage for that,” said Seghetti.

Alderwoman Sandi Levell said she and the Lingenfelters all had backups as well, just not to the extent of the Suhrs.

• Heard Childers say he had calls about the Zac Brown Band concert at Three Sisters Park June 10.

Boyer said he talked to promoter Jay Goldberg, who said the ticket price of $49.50 was not set intentionally to avoid the city’s 2 percent amusement tax on tickets of $50 or more. The fact that he would pay the amusement tax anyway was a “nice gesture,” Boyer said.

“And that just shows the kind of man Jay is,” Cantwell said.

• Approved extending for another year the lease of the former Four Seasons hardware store on Cedar Street to Small Engine Specialty. The city owns the property.

• Heard Childers say he is considering placing a tree carving of an IVC Grey Ghost in the city median across from Geiger’s True Value Hardware store on Walnut Street.