Council preps for new ordinances

Marianne Gillespie

The Chillicothe City Council referred a number of ordinances for the Chillicothe Plan Commission to hold public hearings.

They are:

• Residential fence regulations — The new ordinance clarifies the height restriction for a residence with a pool. The pool fence regulations apply to the property, except that no fence can exceed 6 feet.

• R-1 One Family Residential District — Second Dwelling — This ordinance also clarifies how long a second home may be on one lot, if a property owner was building a new home. The second dwelling must be completed within one year of the building permit’s date, and the original home must be removed from the lot within 14 months of the building permit for the new home.

• Wind Energy Conversion Systems — Currently the city has nothing on its books to regulate if a property owner wanted to convert wind energy to electricity.

“I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen, but it could,” said Underwood. The ordinance sets minimum requirements for setbacks, noise, signs, color, lighting and more. The application fee is $100.

• Article X (signs) — The council proposes adding a sign ordinance, which has been in the works for at least a year, Underwood said.

The Chillicothe Plan Commission and the judicial committee have sent proposals back and forth, with Underwood saying that the council wants an ordinance that is not too restrictive, intrusive or cumbersome. “We’re not trying to regulate existing signs.”