Small increase in taxes

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers

Property taxes for Chillicothe residents have increased but by a small amount from 2012.

The only taxable entity which did not increase its rate is Peoria County.

James Fennell, District 13 Peoria County board member and Chillicothe resident, said the county has not raised its taxes in 10 years.

“We cut our expenses. We cut everything to stay in the rate for the last 10 years,” Fennell said.

“We’re very proud of that fact. Even though the assessed value has decreased, we have reduced expenses to make sure we do not change that rate.”

The Peoria County tax is 80 cents of every dollar per $100 of assessed value.

Chillicothe Unit School District 321 collects the most from taxpayers at $4.50 per $100 of assessed value. On a home with a net taxable value of $100,000, School District 321 would receive $1,230.31.

In 2012, taxpayers were charged $4.44 per $100 AV for District 321.

An attempt earlier this year to break away from property taxes funding school districts in Peoria County was voted down 

by the public March 18.

The County School Facility Sales Tax was for one cent on every $1 spent on qualifying retail purchases to be sent to the Peoria County school districts.

Funding would have been aimed at facility costs for maintaining and upgrading, not for teacher’s pay or books.

The final vote was 66 percent against the tax out of the 19,965 voters in the county. For the tax to pass, all of Peoria County would have had to approve.

“The state’s not filling their obligation to education,” Fennell said.

“I think some of the people had problems because it was open-ended. It was a forever tax. There was a little resistance because of that.”

Another education taxing entity is Illinois Central College. ICC rose its rate from 46 cents per $100 AV in 2012 to 47 cents in 2013.

The City of Chillicothe also raised its rates from 63 cents per $100 AV in 2012 to 68 cents in 2013.

Office manger Denise Passage said the taxes were raised in November 2013.

“That was just to maintain the amount we were getting with pensions going up, social securities and wages as well,” Passage said.

“It basically went to fund those accounts that needed funding due to inflation.”

Overall, the rate was increased from $7.53 in 2012 to $7.70 per $100 AV in 2013, a $47.60 jump on a $100,000 home.

Chillicothe’s total assessed value for 2013 came to $122,159,689.

In relation to other area towns, Pekin will be taxed $1,406 for public schools and $2,105 in property taxes on a $100,000 home.

Washington’s property tax came to $1,945 with $1,430 going to public schools on a $100,000 home.