Citizen battles sewer backups

Marlo Guetersloh TimesNewspapers

Susan Ghere is fed up with raw sewage backing up into her basement after it rains. 

Ghere lives near Hazel Street and Cloverdale Road and has battled sewer backups since 2006. She expressed her frustrations during the City Council meeting June 9. 

Ghere said the city’s efforts to fix the situation continues to come up short. After a heavy rain event May 28, the Gheres again had sewage backed up in their basement. 

“What would you do if it was your house?” Ghere asked the council. 

At its regular meeting, the council approved directing City Engineer Ken Coulter to re-evaluate the Cloverdale Lift Station with the possibility of redirecting it. 

Chillicothe Mayor Doug Crew said it is the city’s intention to find a fix for the problem.

“We want to find a way to fix this problem so it doesn’t happen again,” Crew said. 

Ghere said previously, city officials said they “thought” they had the solutions and fixes to the problem, but those didn’t work.

“Would you take that ‘he thought that would fix it’ and trust it, if this was your house?” Ghere said. 

Ghere said she and her husband bought their house in 1983. While there has been a history of drainage issues on Hazel Street for decades, the sewage back up issue started about eight years ago. 

“This is just on and on,” she said.