New store, studio opens in downtown

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
Pamela Morgan stands in her studio, Awww Beautiful, which is located at 916 N. Second St. The business offers various types of artwork as well as classes.

A new art venue can be seen in Chillicothe after the opening of Awww Beautiful July 17 at 916 N. Second St.

The store and studio offers artwork for sale, from paintings to jewelry and even custom designed tutus.

Owner Pamela Morgan said she has always wanted to own a business like this after a lifetime of creativity.

“It was very exciting. This is my dream,” Morgan said. “This is what I see as my favorite type of store, with all the colors and all the artistic stuff to see.”

Morgan has been drawing and painting since she was a kid and at age 8 she even had the chance to travel to Minneapolis, Minn., to attend a correspondence course at the Art Institutes International Minnesota.

“It’s kind of where it started at. I guess I’ve always been creative,” Morgan said.

At age 18, Morgan began wood burning and transferred over to painting on paint can lids.

“I like working with my acrylics. I like the texture. I like working with wood. I like layering things and adding a lot of dimensions to it and colors to it,” Morgan said.

Growing up, Morgan said she would watch Bob Ross on Saturday mornings and developed her painting in Ross’s style.

“I’m very wet on wet. I like to keep it flowing and moving and to see what happens when it dries,” Morgan said. “You get a finished product that’s very different and unique to itself.”

After graduating from Black Hawk College in Kewanee, Morgan was a landscape designer.

Morgan has pieces for sale in the store and her daughter, Ikesha Morgan, also has works hanging on the wall.

Ikesha Morgan, 18, has been painting since a young age as well, her mother said.

“My daughter (Ikesha) is more of a crisp painter. She has a lot of definition and precise movements,” Pamela Morgan said.

Ikesha Morgan also has jewelry displayed in the store along side the paintings.

Painting has always been in the family, Pamela Morgan said.

“All my girls, I would set them all down and paint for an evening,” Morgan said.

Aside from sales, Pamela Morgan also gives lessons and those looking for instruction can stop by any time or call ahead. One-on-one sessions are available and so are group sessions. There are six easels available but tables can also be provided for larger groups.

Pamela Morgan said her teaching style is easy going and wants people to have fun with it.

“I’m more of a laid-back style. I feel like I don’t want to be right over people watching stroke-for-stroke,” Pamela Morgan said. “I feel that there’s no right or wrong to painting. It’s a feeling that you have. Nothing you do is wrong.”

The sessions are $15 per person, with provided canvases, paints and brushes.

Those who attend have a variety of painting styles to work with. Pamela Morgan said she offers water colors, oils, pastels, flourescents and chalk.

“I’m open to doing any type of art or craft. It’s all about enjoying yourself and having fun,” Pamela Morgan said.

Awww Beautiful is open noon-7 p.m. everyday and can be contacted at 427-9215.