Former Dutch Gardens building going sweet

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
The former Dutch Gardens at 1021 N. Second St. will be changing to a candy shop.

The recent acquisition of 1021 N. Second Street in downtown Chillicothe will lay the ground work for a new store to be opened.

Joe Harper, co-owner of J&W Unlimited Corp. and Little Shop of Vendors, 946 N. Second St., said the new building will center around being a candy shop with a twist.

The building was purchased in an auction June 21 and the deal was closed July 25.

“We’re actually doing a different theme, so to speak, than anyone has ever seen. It will be more inviting because of the different things we’re going to add,” Harper said.

One option on the table is to have a laser light show to be played on the ceilings, Harper said.

Harper said 5,000 pounds of candy will be ordered and a deal with Maui Waui Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies is still in the works.

As far as ice cream goes, Harper and the other owners are still working out the kinks.

“Last week we sampled four different companies. We’re not for sure if it’s going to be the old fashioned scoop kind or soft serve. We’re still in the works on that,” Harper said.

The main focus of the opening of the new store will be its secretive approach. Any person who is involved in the restoration and building of the store will be required to sign a confidentiality note in regards to the appearance of the store.

“We’re leaving, all of the decor, top secret,” Harper said.

“Our whole plan is to have something different to make people come to just see what it is.”

The store is located next to the Town Theatre.

“We want it to be kind of a place for people to go before the movie starts or when the movie is out. So, we’re planning on staying up late, especially during the summer and during the weekend,” Harper said.

The opening of the store is still undetermined. The original plan of it being a three-four month project was held back after problems with the floor renovations occurred.

“You can dream, you can vision, you can have it all laid out, but making it reality that’s where it’s tough,” Harper said.