Little Free Library found in Chillicothe

Drew Veskauf TimesNewspapers
The Little Free Library stands in Ken and Gin Burr’s front yard at 611 Stillwater Dr., Chillicothe. The Little Free Library is there for anyone who wants to drop off a book or pick up a new one at no cost or sign up.

Due dates and late fees won’t concern those who use the Little Free Library’s in Chillicothe. These “take a book, return a book” libraries are based on the honor system and is open to any passerby.

 The first Little Free Library was built in Ken and Gin Burr’s front yard at 611 Stillwater Dr. in 2009.

“We have absolutely no control of what books are in there because people bring in books and then they take books,” Ken Burrs said.

“Most of them are for kids. We encourage parents to come by and let them browse.”

Ken Burrs and his grandson constructed the Library to house the books after Ken saw how big of a deal it was in Wisconsin where it originally started.

According to the Little Free Library website, the first one was constructed in 2009 by Todd Boll of Hudson, Wis. as a tribute to his mother who was a school teacher. Since then, Little Free Library’s have been popping up across the country.

Instructions for building a Little Free Library can be found on their website,

“There are a lot of variations to it. Some look like little houses. Some are very, very creative,” Ken Burrs said. “They encourage you to use recycled materials as well.”

Gin Burrs, a former teacher’s assistant at the Chillicothe Elementary Center, said it was a new and interesting way to keep books alive.

“Even though I read 

through the Kindle, I still like to read a real book,” Gin Burrs said.

“It’s unlimited, unlike the public library where you have two weeks to read it, here, you can have it for a while or you can keep it if you want.”

Ken and Gin were contacted by the Chillicothe Public Library and Altrusa Club about constructing additional ones to post around town.

Alex Jeffries of the Chillicothe Public Library said they put their first one up Friday.

Each Little Free Library contains a pamphlet explaining what it is and how the system works.

Jeffries said more will be coming in the next couple of weeks and will hope to see more in the future.

“We’re willing to put them where ever people want them,” Jeffries said. “Now that were going it seems to be catching on.”