Girls Night Out offers glimpse of what Girl Scout Daisies do

Marianne Gillespie
These Chillicothe Daisy Girl Scouts work on an activity during one of their meetings. Lee Breeggemann and Samantha Forsythe lead Troop 4559.

The three C’s of Girl Scouts used to be “Cookies, Crafts and Camp, but work is ongoing to change that to “building kids of courage, confidence and character.”

Those ideals begin with the youngest of the Girl Scouts, the Daisies, for kindergarten and first-grade students.

“It begins to teach them what Girl Scouts is from the beginning,” said Girl Scouts of Central Illinois membership specialist Kristin Redmon.

The Girl Scouts’ national theme of “I can’t wait to ...” and fill in the blank allows the Girl Scouts to explore things that interest them.

To get ready for the next group of Daisies and to give both parents and girls a chance to see what Girl Scouts is all about, a Girls Night Out is planned from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Chillicothe Public Library.

“We’re basically going to lead a mock meeting,” said Redmon.

The night is a way to expose both girls and their parents to Girl Scout activities, which are led by volunteers.

Instead of earning badges as the older girls do, the Daisies earn petals to make a Girl Scout flower.

There are 10 petals to make up the flower, which follows the Girl Scout law.

One lesson is to be honest and fair.

Redmon said the girls read a story about that lesson, which includes a flower character to illustrate the story. They then play a game to show how they can be honest and fair.

With parents volunteering their time as troop leaders, the schedule is flexible for those participating.

The Girl Scout year runs from September through September, but some troop leaders take the summer off or get together minimally, whatever works for them, Redmon said.

Of course, the summer offers camping opportunities.

This year the Girl Scouts from first through fifth grades will meet at Camp Wokanda in Mossville for community day camps June 9-13.

Called “Camp I Can,” the Girl Scouts will focus on conquering self doubt, trying new things and learning what they are capable of.

Those are also topics that may be touched on throughout their time as a Girl Scout.

From Daisies, the girls move to Brownies (second and third grade), Juniors (fourth and fifth grades), Cadets (sixth through eighth grades), Seniors (ninth and 10th grades) and Ambassadors (11th and 12th grades).

A standard troop is a minimum of five girls and can be as large a group as desired.

Chillicothe has 11 troops of various ages and Mossville has six troops.

Redmon suggested that those who are interested in the Daisies should come check out Girls Night Out and noted that no commitment is expected that night.

For more information, call the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois at 688-8671 or see visit their website at