Chillicothean to be on 'The Price is Right' Tuesday

Marianne Gillespie
Victoria Wurster stands outside the studio of The Price is Right.

Victoria Wurster kept her eye on the prize when she traveled recently to visit a friend in Los Angeles.

The Chillicothe resident will be on 'The Price is Right' at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

“I had a goal to be on a game show before I graduate,” said Wurster, a junior at Bradley University.

That goal was one she took seriously, researching what kind of contestants fare well and how to be chosen.

“Instead of studying for finals, I did this,” Wurster said of her game studying.

She visited Los Angeles to help her friend celebrate her 21st birthday. She recently moved there for a semester to go to school.

Wurster’s friend went along for the ride, but eventually had to leave for her class before the show was taped.

Being in a city she had never visited previously, Wurster was undaunted by her friend leaving.

“I knew this is my chance to get on the show,” Wurster said.

Potential contestants are interviewed, she said, in a group setting. Once she was in, the taping of the show began around 4:30 p.m. and she was finished with filling out paperwork by 6:15 p.m.

The taping seems to fly by, Wurster said, and when commercial breaks occur, host Drew Carey does stand-up comedy.

She cannot reveal if she won anything on the show due to her contract, but she could give a few tidbits.

“I got my bid correct. I got on stage with Drew. Drew was a lot of fun,” Wurster said.

While some people may get nervous around celebrities, the Pekin native said she was unfazed.

“I don’t really get starstruck. I just see them as people,” she said.

Her time may have whet her appetite for being on more game shows, but contractually she has to wait two years.

Once that time is up, though, she is thinking a reality game show with a cash prize may be fun, such as The Amazing Race.

Her trip back of getting from the studio back to her friend’s apartment in Burbank may have not been a race, but it was an adventure.

“I love public transportation when it works,” Wurster said, adding she had spent time in London and used their transportation system.

Without any maps or signs to be found, Wurster had to call the metro phone number to receive assistance on getting to her destination. A random guy started talking to her, seeing her cue cards, papers and shirt from “The Price is Right,” and she said she thought he was one of the people tourists are warned to avoid. Once on a bus, another man helped her transfer to her next bus before she walked about a quarter mile to her friend’s place.

As she was walking on Hollywood Boulevard, people were asking her what she won, of which she could not say if she had won anything or not.

As for why her goal before graduation was to be on a game show, Wurster revealed some of her personality.

“It’s fun. It’s the thrill and the chance of winning something. Who doesn’t want that? I’m very competitive,” Wurster said.