Pink-skinned pumpkins benefitting breast cancer research

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Just in time for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, growers across the country are harvesting pink pumpkins.

Not only are these gorgeous pumpkins popular among fashionistas and home decorators, but they also spread awareness and collect funding for breast cancer research.

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation is working with local growers to spread the mission in the community. Ackerman Farm and Indian Knoll Pumpkins are area featured pink pumpkin growers.

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation was formed in 2012, after a new seed variety bearing pink-skinned pumpkins became available for growers nationwide.

Along with raising awareness for the cause, the foundation oversees that funding is given directly to reputable organizations involved in actual reasearch. Donations are raised through each pumpkin sold as growers commit to donating a percentage of the proceeds to the foundation.

The hundreds of growers participating in the cause can be found at

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation urges all residents to join the national campaign, “Pink Pumpkins on Your Porch – Let’s Unite Against Breast Cancer.”