Peoria area EMS Review Board upholds Chillicothe Rescue 33 suspension

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

PEORIA - Chillicothe's Ambulance Rescue 33 was suspended from providing service by Dr. Cheryl Colbenson, Medical Director of the Peoria Area Emergency Medical Services System, on Aug. 30, 2012.

Ambulance Rescue 33 appealed the suspension and the Peoria Area EMS Review Board held a hearing on Monday. Today, the Review Board issued its decision upholding the suspension, according to a press release issued by the Peoria Area EMS through an OSF Saint Francis Medical Center spokeswoman.

The Review Board acknowledged Ambulance Rescue 33's long, proud history in the community and its dedication to seeing the community ambulance service continue. After thorough deliberation, the Review Board identified several areas that need to be addressed to ensure Ambulance Rescue 33 can provide the expected level of care to the community on a consistent, reliable basis.

The items specifically addressed include the following:

• Governance and leadership

• Education of personnel

• Quality assurance and documentation

• Staffing, response time and mutual aid

• Long term funding

The Review Board decided there were too many areas of concern and individual deficiencies which could not be remedied soon enough to justify modifying the suspension or extending the probationary period.

The suspension letter sent by Colbenson on Aug. 30 to Ambulance Rescue 33 outlined the opportunity to submit a new system plan to the Peoria Area EMS System once the concerns and issues identified have been resolved.

Colbenson and the Peoria Area EMS System offer their guidance and assistance in the development of a new EMS system plan, with a goal of ensuring quality, safe, timely and reliable EMS care for the community.