School board meets incoming teachers

Marianne Gillespie

The Illinois Valley Central District 321 School Board members met the new teachers of the district at the Aug. 11 meeting.

Superintendent Chad Allison introduced most of the new teachers and gave each of them a chance to tell something about themselves.

Many live in the district, are IVC High School graduates or are related to them, and expressed their happiness to be teaching in the district.

“Your enthusiasm is apparent,” board member Donna Uebler said.

In other items, the board:

• Held a public hearing on a waiver which allows students to attend school on state holidays. As Allison explained, the students already attend school on some holidays, such as Veterans Day, but the allowance gives the possibility of using the days to make up for snow days instead of at the end of the year in May. The board, which did have a quorum but was missing Nell German, Dr. Dave Kinney and Sarah Williamson, approved the waiver.

• Heard Dan Stoyak express his gratitude to the board for rehiring him after retiring for a year. After pursuing other opportunities, he said he missed the students and staff. Board members congratulated him as some of their children were part of his German classes.

• Approved the district having a two-hour delayed start. Allison explained the approval would allow for the district to potentially not use as many snow days or days when the extreme cold would give more time for the buses to warm up. “We are still allowed to count that as a full school day,” Allison said. A delayed start would be called for using the current phone system so parents could plan accordingly.

• Approved hazardous bus routes, which is an annual process. Some places within the 1.5 miles around a school are considered “hazardous” depending on the conditions, such as traffic conditions, etc. The state reimburses the school for transportation costs but not within that 1.5 miles that children do not receive transportation. A parent in attendance asked about bus routes also, saying that his daughter was not being picked up. Allison said district officials would look into the issue.

• Approved the resignations of Alexandra Hayden as IVCHS Spanish teacher, Susan Moreland as Mossville head girls track coach, Kevin Yates as CEC head boys’ basketball coach and Deana Ordaz as Mossville special education/paraprofessional.

• Approved personnel contracts for the 2014-15 school year for Dan Stoyak as IVCHS English teacher, Patricia Norsworthy and Teresa Storti as special education/paraprofessionals at South, Natalie Martz as special education/paraprofessional at CEC, Jacinda Schierer and Bridget Moore as special education/paraprofessionals at Mossville, Amber Rusk as CEC cheerleading coach and Kevin Yates as CEC assistant boys basketball coach.