IVC District 321 School Board gives five teachers notice for next year

Marianne Gillespie

It’s that time of year when school districts are required to give notice to its staff that they may not have a job come next school year.

The Illinois Valley Central District 321 School Board unanimously approved March 25 a resolution of non-re-employment of five certified teachers, including Nancy Coon of Mossville School, Karen Roth and Hailey Weisbrock of IVC High School, Shannon March of South School and Emily Thomas of both Chillicothe Junior High and Mossville School.

Superintendent Chad Allison said some of those teachers may be called back, which is routine for school districts, but a couple may not depending on school enrollment and re-evaluation of what the district needs.

“Over the last three years, the state has cut $1.1 million of its funding to us,” Allison said. “It’s hard for us to keep doing what we’re doing when we don’t get the same funding.”

The board also looked at next year’s school calendar and approved it. Allison said the calendar “almost mirrors” this year’s. The first day of school is Aug. 14 and the last day is May 28, which includes building in five emergency days should inclement weather occur.

This year the district has to use all five of its emergency make up days due to snow and cold temperatures. If they do not need any, all or part of the days, then the last day of school will be moved up, Allison said.

Christmas break begins Dec. 22 with students returning Jan. 5 and spring break begins March 30 with children returning April 6.

The calendar committee also looked at possibly creating a fall break in October, which would have fallen between the first and second quarters. Board member Sarah Williamson said she was at a meeting where teachers gave the idea a mixed review, partially because of when Christmas will fall this year.

“I think it is a concept that should be looked at again,” Williamson said.

In other items, the board:

• Accepted invitations from art teacher Brian Du Pont to see Mossville’s spring arts event that happened Thursday night. Along with a music program, students’ artwork in grades three through five were displayed that night.

• Heard board member Donna Uebler thank Allison for his work on the Peoria County sales tax referendum, which failed countywide. He also mentioned that parent Brook Cranford did a lot of work in the endeavor as well.

• Approved the following resignations, Tyler Snyder, football and baseball coach at IVC High School, effective March 13; Lindsay Craig as junior high math teacher at Mossville, Charlotte Lane as head girls’ track coach at CEC, and Sharon Padilla as at-will public relations coordinator for the district, all following the end of the 2013-14 school.

• Approved personnel contracts for Jennifer Peterson and Karen Diehl as bus monitors, and Mark Parshall and Bernard Stanley Taylor as substitute bus drivers.

• Approved volunteer coaches of Alex Razo with varsity softball and Bridgette Lynch as varsity girls’ track.

The next school board meeting is at 6:30 p.m. April 15 at IVC High School.