IVC’s Grey Ghost Pride Thursday

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

The students, faculty, staff and administration at Illinois Valley Central High School are inviting the public to the school’s second annual “Grey Ghost Pride” from 5-7 p.m. Thursday.

IVC High School students will showcase their projects and other classroom activities through performances, demonstrations and presentations.

The following are some of the examples of what the students will showcase during the two hours of Grey Ghost Pride:

• Mini-Weihnachtsessen with puppet show

• World War II interactive museum

• 2D and 3D art displays

• Band and chorus performances

• Technology demonstrations

• Angry Birds parabola activity

• Heart dissection

• Angular momentum lab

• Microscope lab and hard water demonstration

• Weightlifting Technique and demonstration

• Industrial Tech demonstrations

• Posters, brochures and projects

• Exploding pumpkins

• French, German and Spanish food

• Project Lead the Way demonstrations

“Make plans to attend “Grey Ghost Pride” on Thursday, March 20, at IVC High School to see why every day is a Great Day to be a Ghost at IVCHS,” IVC Principal Kenton Bergman said.

For more information, call the high school at 274-5481.