New IVCHS band uniforms shown off

Adam Larck
Kaitlyn Farris and Michael German show the two uniforms the band was considering purchasing. The new uniforms will look like the one German is wearing.

IVC Director of Bands Matt Chapman and Marching Grey Ghosts Michael German and Kaitlyn Farris were on hand at the Nov. 22 Illinois Valley Central Board of Education meeting to show off the new marching band uniform.

Chapman said that the band had whittled its choices down to two uniforms, and that the band decided to stay with the more traditional uniform.

He said the choice for the more traditional uniform was because the silver sash helped the outfit stand out in the lights, among other reasons.

“Personally I would have been happy with either band uniform,” Superintendent Dr. Nick Polyak said. “I am happy that the students were given the opportunity to vote and choose the uniforms that they will be wearing when they represent us.”

Chapman said that the drum majors will have all black uniforms with a cape, and added that the next uniforms the band orders in about 10 years may have a newer look similar to the other uniform.

In other news, the board:

• Heard a presentation from Polyak about the new changes due to Senate Bill 7.

“The changes from SB7 greatly affect every district, however much of the change doesn’t take effect until 2016,” he said. “The immediate changes deal with RIF procedures and the new evaluation ratings of Excellent, Proficient, Needs Improvement, and Unsatisfactory. The process for evaluating administrators changes next year.”

During the presentation, Polyak focused on the Reduction In Force procedures that take place next year.

If a RIF ever takes place, the teachers are placed into four groups for reducing.

The first group reduced would be unevaluated probationary teachers, which Polyak said it would be unlikely anyone would be in this group, followed by teachers receiving a needs improvement or unsatisfactory evaluation in either of their last two evaluations.

The next group would be teachers that received a proficient on their last two evaluations. The final group is teachers that receive an excellent on their last two or two of their last three evaluations.

A list of all these groups has to be turned into the teachers union 75 days before the end of the year, and cannot be obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

A list also has to be made for every type of certification in the district.

“We don’t anticipate needing to use a Reduction In Force any time soon, but you never know,” Polyak said.

• Heard a presentation from special education coordinator Beth Gundy.

Gundy gave an update on the special education program in the district.

She said there are currently 342 students with an Individualized Education Program in the district, or about 15.2 percent of the student population.

This year, 24 students with IEPs moved into the district, while 11 moved out. Out of the 24, seven have significant needs.

Gundy added that the high school is starting the Ghost Buddies program after winter break, and that Chillicothe Elementary Center has restarted its program.

• Heard a report from Polyak about the fiscal year 2011 audit.

Polyak said the auditor was only in the district office looking over the budget for two days and gave a clean audit.

• Head a facilities and transportation committee report from Steve Nalley.

Nalley said that the façade drawing for the Mossville renovations is progressing.

On the transportation side, Nalley said the district may do four bus trade-ins this year after a bus recently blew its engine.

If so, the district would only do two trade-ins next year.

• Voted to approve the monthly bills, the estimate of revenues needed for the 2012-13 school year and a medical leave of absence.

The estimated revenues needed for next year is set at $12,057,822.

A leave of absence was approved for fourth-grade teacher Cara Sledgister from CEC.

After the board meeting, the board held the second public forum meeting over realignment. The final public forum is planned for 7:30 p.m. Dec. 20.