Pep Rally marks start of Mossville basketball

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin
Mossville Grade School first-grade student Marie Moon sold more than 100 items for the school fundraiser and won the right to throw a cream pie in the face of Mossville School principal Brooke Geltmaker.

Students at Mossville Grade School cheered their boys’ and girls’ basketball teams and sang the school fight song to mark the beginning of basketball season at the school at a Nov. 4 pep rally. Cheerleaders encouraged their classmates to be the loudest in cheering the school. Junior High students were judged the most exuberant in their cheering.

A highlight of the pep assembly came when participants in a recent school fundraiser earned their reward for salesmanship by throwing pies in the faces of school principal Brooke Geltmaker and assistant principal Pat Auge.

First-grade student Marie Moon sold more than 100 items in the Kathryn Beich fundraiser and was the top salesperson for the fundraiser. She won the right to throw the first cream pie. She selected principal Geltmaker as her target. Also, getting a chance to throw a pie was fourth-grade student Mackinley Penny Church. She threw a pie in assistant principal Auge’s face. Both throws brought deafening cheers from students.