Peoria County Regional Education Office closed today for Day of Reconciliation

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Today most branches of the Peoria County Regional Office of Education will be closed.

The Peoria Regional High School at Wildlife Prairie State Park will still be in full operation and the Illinois Virtual School will be fully staffed on Friday. The IVS is operated by the Regional Office of Education.

In lieu of Friday’s normal operations, a Day of Reconciliation for the other employees of the office will be held at Wildlife Prairie State Park.

The Reconciliation session will address the inequity of the current budget crisis that has resulted in more than four months of no compensation for the superintendent and his assistant. Friday’s session will be facilitated by Dr. Don Kachur, Professor Emeritus at Illinois State University.

A proactive agenda to continue the office’s many services is expected to result from these efforts and a follow-up session is scheduled for Nov. 14.

For more information, call Regional Superintendent Gerald Brookhart at 672-6906 or