‘A Celebration of American Vocal Music’ tonight

Karen Moewe for IVC District 321
The IVC Chorale is one of three choirs to perform at “A Celebration of American Vocal Music” Wednesday in the Illinois Valley Central High School auditorium. The IVC Chorale students are, front row, from left, Michael German and Nick Benefield. Middle row: Reid Greer, Delaney Lawson, Liam Price, Audra Storm and Dusty Bredeman Back row: Sarah Bollinger, Ashley Larson, Zane Crockett, Kaitlyn Farris, Connor Orton, Anne Resler, Braden Griffis, Samantha Ford and Leah Brincks.

The IVC Chorale will perform an evening of American vocal music tonight at the Illinois Valley Central High School auditorium.

“A Celebration of American Vocal Music” is the first event to welcome the Smithsonian Museum New Harmonies exhibit, scheduled to be at the Chillicothe Public Library in December.

The IVC Chorale is one of the three IVC choirs to sing the music of important composers, genres and performers that have shaped America’s music history that night.

The concert will feature well known tunes, as well as some lesser know tunes which shaped the country’s musical heritage.

The IVC Chorale represents 16 members of the more than 100 students who are involved in IVC’s vocal music department.

The IVC Chorale is the top-auditioned group at IVC and does most of the performing throughout the year. The chorale also performs in the IVC Madrigal Dinner and tour in the spring.

The Chillicothe Elementary Center’s CEC Singers will also perform at the event.

“Please join us for a wonderful night of choral singing at its best,” invites IVC choirs director Angie Dorough.

To learn more about the New Harmonies: A Celebration of American Roots Music visit the Chillicothe Library or www.chillicothepubliclibrary.com.