Enrollment figures official

Nick Stroman
Groovin' Ghosts: The IVC Marching Grey Ghosts gave a special practice performance of some ghoulish selections from the musical "Sweeney Todd" on Aug. 26 for family, friends and the school board. The parking lot showcase preceded the annual band boosters potluck at IVC High School.

First-and sixth-day enrollment numbers were revealed at the Aug. 26 meeting of the Illinois Valley Central District 321 school board.

Due to large enrollment boosts in kindergarten, fourth grade, eighth grade and 10th grade, the district total for this year was 2,136 students by the sixth day of classes.

The district total for 2007 was 2,127 students, while 2006 had 2,079.

Kindergarten was up 23 students for the district from the previous year, growing to 175.

Fourth grade had a growth of 24 students, for a total of 153.

Eighth grade grew to 183 students, which is 17 more than last year.

The sophomore class grew by 16 students, totaling 199.

During a slide show presentation to the school board and audience, Superintendent Dr. Dave Kinney said there was steady growth throughout the district, but these grades really stood out.

Kinney said some of the growth at the high school was due to private school students joining the district.

He added individual class sizes were of a “normal and respectable” size, with most in the low 20s.

Due to the unexpected boost in registration numbers for specific grades, the board approved the hiring of more personnel at the Aug. 12 meeting.

This included three new positions at both Mossville Grade School and Chillicothe Elementary Center and one new spot at IVC High School.

“Obviously, these new hires were very much needed, and I’m glad we did it,” Kinney said.

Another district enrollment report will be conducted on the 30th day of classes.

In other news:

• Kinney said he plans to attend the next Medina Township meeting as they will be discussing the proposed gravel pit.

Kinney said the gravel pit project could potentially have an impact for them because there could be significant change in the equalized assessed valuation of real estate in the school district if something goes wrong.

• Kinney said expansion plans at South School are going “slow, but steady,” with all contracts likely to be approved in the late winter.

He added discussion is still continuing, but there are two architects to choose from and they will open bids soon.

• The board recognized and introduced new employees for the new school year during the meeting.

CEC: Ashley Brewer — intermediate life skills, and Cassandra Judy and Linda Proctor — fourth grade.

South School: Kara Austene — kindergarten, and Megan Webster — speech-language pathologist.

Mossville: Rachel Clark — Bright Futures, Lisa Disney — primary grades life skills, Jeannette Dorsey — kindergarten, and Sarah Goodner — school psychologist intern.

IVC High School: Kelsey Breen, Dianne Delaney-Smith and Megan McCorkle — special education, Veronica Camacho — special education and social studies, Josh Curry — art, Trevor Degerman — math, Travis Engstrom — science, Patrick Sell — social studies, and Ericka Shay — English.

• The board approved the resignation of Amy Sullivan as a special education aide at Mossville School and the hiring of Tim Cranford as assistant freshman football coach at the high school.

Cranford is currently the director of baseball operations at IVC.

• The board approved three new and revised policies, including communications to and from the board, transfer of on-line credits from other institutions and expanding qualifications for central office administrative positions.

If contacted individually, board members will refer the person to the appropriate administrator or other district employee.

Board members’ questions or communications to staff or about programs will be channeled through the superintendent’s office.

E-mail messages may not involve deliberation, debate, or decision-making.

Regarding on-line credit transfers, students may transfer credits from a recognized and accredited high school program.

Students may transfer a total of four credits from a junior college, a four-year college, an approved and accredited correspondence school or a government internship.

Expanded qualifications were approved for the positions of business manager, directors and supervisors and assistant to the superintendent.

• The board had a small break between the facilities committee meeting and the full board meeting to attend a parking lot preview of the IVC Marching Grey Ghosts’ performance of selections from the Stephen Sondheim musical “Sweeney Todd.”