Rescue 33 working on new plan, according to press release

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Press release issued Friday:

Ambulance Rescue 33 LTD has announced that it will not pursue an appeal of the suspension ruling by The Peoria Area EMS System. Rescue 33 does not agree with the findings of The Peoria Area EMS System. 

Furthermore, they firmly believe that they had a good chance of prevailing on appeal concerning both the process and allegations provided throughout this process.  However, an appeal would be both time consuming and expensive and Rescue 33 is not concerned about “winning”. They are much more concerned about the community winning and that will only happen if they get the ambulance service up and running again as soon as possible.

By directing their resources towards resubmitting an operational plan and getting relicensed, Rescue 33 believes that it will save both time and money in getting the ambulance service fully operational again as soon as possible. As always, the membership is only concerned about providing safe, reliable ambulance service for the community.

To do this as soon as possible, they have already created a new operating plan and business structure that should meet all necessary requirements to become operational again. It is hoped that once the final steps in finishing and presenting this plan are completed, they will be licensed to start providing reliable, affordable service to the community once again. It is expected that this process will move very quickly.