Rescue 33 issues statement following unfavorable ruling

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

After Thursday's ruling that the permanent suspension of Ambulance Rescue 33's license would be upheld by a review board, Rescue 33 issued the following statement.

We are very disappointed in the Review Board’s decision to uphold such a severe decision without even thinking of alternative ways to modify such a harsh punishment. The “Greatest Care and Love” seems to Rescue 33 personnel to only reflect an inpatient philosophy of those whom work for OSF and not their total dealings with outside agencies. 

Alternative outcomes were discussed and presented to not only to the Review Board but directly to Dr. Colbenson that would have benefitted both sides, but were not considered in the Review Boards final decision. Rescue 33 personnel showed proof of improvement in the three areas of concern listed in the Suspension letter; however, unfortunately the review board accepted testimony from several years past even though it was outside of scope of the suspension letter and probation. Rescue 33’s “out the shoot” average response time for the month of August was 3.2 minutes which was an improvement over June’s average “out the shoot” time of 4.8 minutes.

Statistics and Facts are not always the only information used during Evidence Based Practice and outcomes need to be researched to find a root cause of the problem.  Rescue 33 personnel are still committed to our community and are deeply researching alternative means to provide our community with a Reliable, Safe and Committed Community Based Ambulance Service.”