Podobinski ready for full-time community policing

Marianne Gillespie

The city’s newest police officer is looking forward to being part of the Chillicothe community.

“It’s nice to come to a police department where the police officers are involved with the community,” Tim Podobinski said.

Podobinski, 29, of Bureau has been a part-time officer in Bureau and DePue, as well as a welder.

“It’s been a long road — seven years of training and schooling,” Podobinski said of now getting to afull-time officer position, a career he wanted since he was a child.

With living and working in communities smaller than Chillicothe, he said he feels comfortable with community policing.

“I think I’ll do well with that carrying over,” Podobinski said.

He said he is looking forward to moving to Chillicothe for the opportunities for his family as well. He and his wife have three daughters, 16 months, 4 and 7 years old.

While he spends most of his time with his young family, he enjoys hunting, especially ducks and deer, as well as fishing on the river. He also is looking forward to next year’s wiffle ball tournament.

After he rides with the field training officers, Podobinski will not be sent to the Police Training Institute like many new Chillicothe officers.

Since he has been a part-time officer, within the next year he will only be required to complete an 80-hour transitional training course.