Vehicles damaged at Taco Bell

Karen Danner

A disgruntled customer caused damage more than $300 to three vehicles parked at Taco Bell Saturday night.

According to reports at the Chillicothe Police Department, a white female and a white male passenger pulled into the Taco Bell drive-thru at 11:02 p.m. and placed an order, which they changed several times.

An employee stated he “messed up” the order because of the many changes, and the couple eventually pulled to the drive-thru window and began yelling at the employee.

The couple became obnoxious and used vulgar language toward three employees, then threatened them, saying, “Just wait ‘til you get off work.”

The manager returned their money, refused to serve them and requested they leave or she would call the police.

The vehicle pulled out at 11:12 p.m., as was witnessed by a review of the restaurant’s video system.

The suspects are described as a white female with brown hair pulled back into a pony tail and her passenger, a white male about 5-foot-9 weighing 170 pounds with short brown hair and a goatee.

The male reportedly was wearing a dark blue or black hooded jacket with white stripes on the sleeves. Both were believed to be in their late teens or early 20s.

Police received a call at 11:48 p.m. that a man at Taco Bell had smashed a vehicle window with a crowbar.

When police arrived, a large group of people were examining damage to three vehicles.

The suspect had reportedly fled south on foot through the alley between Third and Fourth streets.

A resident near the business told police she heard a loud popping noise and looked out her bedroom window to see a white male hitting a red Dodge Stratus, then a truck, breaking the front driver’s side window, before he ran down the alley.

Three other males also reported hearing loud banging noises and came to investigate.

They also saw the male hit a vehicle with a baseball bat, then run into the alley.

As he ran, they said they heard him drop the bat, which they recovered at the rear of one of the houses nearby.

Reportedly, the male got into a red Chevrolet Lumina with a partial license plate of “370.”

Officer Janeen Henderson photographed the damage and took statements.

The truck had a broken driver’s window, a Ford Contour rear passenger window was broken out, and the Stratus had scuff marks where the bat struck the driver’s window.

The driver’s side mirror was broken and on the ground, with the housing hanging off the door.

Video cameras were not positioned to capture the damage to the vehicles.

Police reported finding a small amount of blood on the silver handle of the bat.

As of press time, police expected to arrest a suspect in connection with the damages.