Kindle Plugin that Saves the Day

Tammy Finch

I love my kindle!  I got it a few years ago for my birthday and last year moved to a Kindle Paper White.  I love being able to read anywhere or several things at once.  I usually alternate a business or self-help book to a Chuck Palahniuk book or musician’s autobiography.  I enjoy reading but do not have a lot of time.  That’s why I love vacationing at the beach.  I usually read a couple books and my saved articles in the week that I’m gone. 

Because of my work, I spend a lot of time at my computer and I come across many articles that I would like to read but do not have time when I find them.  Articles are great for quick reads while waiting for a client or your next appointment.   This is when I use my “Send to Kindle” button on my browser.  I can simple click the button and it will send the article to my kindle to read later.  This is a free browser plugin that you can download at this link.

After installing, you will see you have a Kindle-brown arrow on your browser toolbar.   Click that anytime you want to send the article you are reading to your kindle.  There is even a version for Macs.  As far as I know, there are not length restrictions; the article just has to be on the page.