Voice Recognition to Replace Slow Typing?

Tammy Finch

I remember only 15 years ago I was working with a physician who hated to type.  I found expensive software he could use that would enable him to speak into a microphone and his messages would type right on his slide presentations or documents.  It was very new technology and sounded like it was the perfect option for what we were trying to accomplish.  Of course, it wasn’t that easy.  It took a few weeks to train the software for the physicians’ voice and we had to make many edits and changes.  But eventually it paid off for him.

Recently, I started using the Speech Recognition program that comes with Windows.  I was amazed at the ease of use and the accuracy of the software.  There was no need to train the software with my voice, I just worked!  This software comes standard with Windows 7.  Simply plug in a microphone, turn on the speech recognition software, put your cursor where you want to start “typing” and speak!

For those who hate to type, give the Windows Speech Recognition a try.  It’s a great way to get your thoughts down on paper as fast as you can speak them.