Troopers assisting crash drivers, warn of black ice

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

Troopers have been very busy handling motorist assists (vehicles in the ditches) and crashes all morning. 

Interstate 74, 155, and 39 are snow packed and very slick as of 10 a.m. Wednesday. There are several areas such as east of Morton where the road appears to be just wet, however it is covered with black ice, according to Trooper Dustin Pierce, spokesman. Troopers have handled seven crashes and 58 motorist assists since

the snow began Tuesday afternoon. There have been a couple of injury crashes, however most have been minor to this point.

The snow is expected to continue to blow across the roadways throughout the day. The Illinois State Police are recommending that motorists only travel if necessary.  If travel is necessary, they need to allow plenty of extra time, drive slow, stay off their cellphones, and wear their seat belts.

Most of the problems we are seeing are related to motorist traveling too fast for conditions, Pierce said. Motorist should also carry an emergency kit that includes a charged cell phone, cellphone charger, warm clothes, food, water and blankets.

Motorists should make sure they keep their gas tanks at least half full when traveling in winter weather. District 8 troopers have assisted several motorist in the past few weeks who have ran out of gas.

Motorists with property damage only crashes, in which the vehicles are drivable, are advised to exchange information and contact the  District 8 Headquarters (309-383-2133) within 7 days to complete a crash report.

Motorists are reminded of the move-over law in which drivers are required to slow down, change lanes away from emergency vehicles, and proceed with caution when they see emergency lights activated.  Failure to do so may result in fines, driver's license suspension, and possible jail time. Motorists are also reminded that the move over law applies to maintenance vehicles and tow trucks.