Salvation Army opens doors to homeless

Staff Writer
Chillicothe Times-Bulletin

The Salvation Army has signed a letter of intent with HUD to begin offering daytime assistance to those homeless who utilized the YWCA's day center program.

"We have been in contact with HUD, the Continuum of Care and the city to help accommodate these men," said Major Evie Diaz, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army. "While we still have to work out the details on proper resourcing of the program, both in terms of funds and staffing, we are standing in the gap and will begin helping these folks out beginning Saturday morning."

The Sylvia Fites Family Service Center was available as a day center beginning at 8 a.m Saturday. "We will continue to work through the process with its Family Service staff as well as HUD, our internal legal and finance folks and the Continuum of Care to address this need," said Diaz.

Until further notice, the Sylvia Fites Family Service Center at 414 NE Jefferson will act as the daytime spot for the Day Center clients.

Once a formal agreement is finalized with HUD, and properly reviewed and vetted through The Salvation Army, final program details will be released.