Gordon gives ‘Secrets to a Healthy Life’

Adam Larck
Dr. Sheena Gordon talks to the group of 11 at Dunlap Public Library on Nov. 15. Gordon’s presentation covered various facts about food, stress and exercise, among other things.


1 On Nov. 15, Dr. Sheena Gordon, the health director at New Life Chiropractic, presented “Three Secrets to a Health Life” at Dunlap Public Library. The presentation focused on three key points: food, stress and exercise.

2 During the food portion of the presentation, Gordon stressed to limit any saturated fats eaten and to completely eliminate trans-fats, which are oils used more than once. She said to instead eat Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats. She then went on to talk about the three different kinds of stresses that can affect the body.

3 Gordon ended the presentation by talking about exercise. During this portion, she said to focus on the outcome of the exercise, not the process. After talking for a bit, Gordon then had each of the 11 participants fill out a sheet listing goals they wanted to accomplish and how they were going to accomplish them. In addition, they listed some excuses they use to not exercise and how they can hold people back.

Overheard at the event

“You want to create an environment in your body where rats don’t want to hang out.”— Dr. Sheena Gordon, while speaking about viruses and diseases.