Park renovations almost done

Marianne Gillespie

Chillicothe Park District officials are making a list and checking it twice, but not for Christmas.

Santa Fe?Park is nearing completion with a few items needing to be checked.

“We are essentially complete once we make sure the splashpad works,” said Kevin Yates, Chillicothe Park District director of parks and recreation.

A representative from Vortex Aquatic Structures International, with its headquarters in Quebec, Canada, will be on hand within the next week or so to make sure the structure works correctly and does not have any leaks.

Yates said he expects the splash pad will be turned on for about 15-20 minutes.

With temperatures falling, officials are concerned about making sure no water is in the line to freeze and cause problems.

Once the splashpad is operational, they will then winterize it and the restroom building, which houses the splashpad controls as well as restrooms.

With that done and adding a few plants and stone benches, the park should mostly be ready to go for next year.

Yates said the park district is specifically holding off on a few items until spring, like a black stripe to be painted in the main walkway to look like railroad tracks, just to give one less winter for it to face.

Brick pavers still are available to be purchased from the park district. Yates said brick sales picked up recently with another 20-30 sold. The bricks will be installed on a yearly basis in the fall.

A grand opening is planned for the park for the second Saturday in May.