Gordon giving secrets to healthy life

Adam Larck
Dr. Sheena Gordon

Dunlap residents will get a chance to find out how to lead a healthier life on Tuesday.

That is when Dr. Sheena Gordon will host “The Three Secrets to a Healthy Life” at 6 p.m. at the Dunlap Public Library.

“The presentation is a wellness-based workshop that shows people the steps they can take to maintain their bodies properly to prevent disease,” Gordon said. “Although people are living approximately 30 years longer, they have a poor quality of life including extreme fatigue, insomnia, arthritic pain, and digestive problems. I have a strong passion for helping as many people as possible live a better quality of life so I am offering some of my clinical pearls that they can implement into their everyday life.”

Gordon is the health director of New Life Chiropractic of Peoria, as well as a licensed chiropractic physician and nutritionist.

During the event, Gordon will talk about the three different types of stress (acute, episodic and chronic) and how it can affect the body.

She will also talk about proper nutrition and fitness.

“With all of the media about nutrition it is often very confusing for people to decide foods that are actually healthy rather than foods that are a product of an expensive marketing campaign,” she said. “Additionally, I will be providing some of my favorite healthy recipes they can take home and try. Fitness will also be a major focus on the presentation teaching people not only why it’s important, but also motivational speaking on how to act now.

“Lastly, we will finish up with the three types of stress, and how quickly each of them can break down the body and cause symptoms such as hormone imbalances, fatigue, and depression.”

She has made this presentation before at various businesses in Peoria in a lunch-and-learn setting, as well as in her office for smaller groups.

In addition to the healthy life presentation, Gordon is also presenting “Natural Solutions to Insomnia” Thursday at the Farmington Library and will be giving the presentation she is giving at Dunlap to the Peoria Downtown Library on Nov. 19.

“All of my lectures are to teach people healthier ways of living,” she said. “I do this because I have a strong purpose of educating the community on some of the new types of testing as well as offer some natural treatments other than drugs/medications. There are a few other M.D.s and pharmacists in Peoria that are teaching these same principles of wellness, which makes me very proud to be a part of the practitioners in our community.”

People interested in going can register in advance on the sign-up sheet at the library or by contacting Patty Williamson at 657-9910 or patty@apeoriachiropractor.com.